Differential regeneration

The differential is disassembled, all wear parts such as bearings and seals are substituted and the sets are registered. The phases:The differential is disassembled.

  • Washing of components and carcass with high temperature cleaning machine.
  • Sandblasting and painting of the carcass.
  • Substitution of seals and bearings with bearings with high load capacity.
  • Restoration of the internal geometries (clearance and impression) of the tapered torque, planetary satellites and preload bearing registration.
  • Differential Assembly
  • Full oil for differentials with synthetic BARDAHL oil (Only for models that already have flanges and axles)

* Series 1 t series 3, series M excluded, are supplied with ball bearings which will be substituted with tapered ball bearings, which are much more resistant to the stresses of acceleration and deceleration. After this transformation the differential is quite largely more robust, silent and reliable even when compared to the same new differential.