Intervention solutions on the differential

We offer different intervention solutions on differentials for cars:

  • Regeneration the differential is disassembled and all wear parts such as bearings and gaskets replaced and clearances recorded.
  • Ratio changes by replacing bevel gears.
  • Special modifications involving anti-friction and anti-wear treatments on the teeth of the gears modifications with larger bearings
  • Changes for structural reinforcement



Reduced friction

The isotropic finishing makes it possible to improve the performances of the power transmissions durably. The effectiveness of this treatment has made it possible to apply it to a large number of sectors.

It is a process that makes the surfaces lucid by eliminating roughness through the action of erosion: the pieces are inserted in special tanks filled with acid with little invasiveness and granules with an abrasive power adequate.

The vibrating machinery allows these materials to gradually erode the surface of the parts. It is thanks to this graduation that it is possible to achieve the required roughness by adjusting the times and the speed and maintaining the geometries in any case.

The benefits of this type of treatment include:

  • Surfaces with limited roughness which allow to have a higher efficiency, a reduction of friction, noise and temperature.
  • Improvement of surface hardness.
  • Absence of corrosion due to oxidation or high contact pressure.
  • Lubrication better.
  • Absence of accumulation of abrasive material in roughness.
  • Improved fatigue characteristics.
  • Absence of metallurgical degradation
  • Increase to maximum levels with mechanical / thermal processes and resistance to surface tension

All these advantages ultimately involve longer parts life and a relative reduction in maintenance costs, in addition to the possibility of reducing or avoiding other treatments which would normally be required for the construction of the parts.

With this finishing, the high performances of the equipment are guaranteed, required especially in sectors where maximum precision is required, in addition to a remarkable aesthetic effect.

Changes ratios

Changes ratios by replacing conical gears.

3-coppie-coniche-dirapportatura-diversaconfronto tra n°3 coppie coniche di rapportatura diversa

Structural modifications of reinforcement

Modifications to structural reinforcement and trigger prevention cracks and break points

Surface treatments for micro-finishing and anti-wear treatments




Differential regeneration

The differential is disassembled, all wear parts such as bearings and seals are substituted and the sets are registered. The phases:The differential is disassembled.

  • Washing of components and carcass with high temperature cleaning machine.
  • Sandblasting and painting of the carcass.
  • Substitution of seals and bearings with bearings with high load capacity.
  • Restoration of the internal geometries (clearance and impression) of the tapered torque, planetary satellites and preload bearing registration.
  • Differential Assembly
  • Full oil for differentials with synthetic BARDAHL oil (Only for models that already have flanges and axles)

* Series 1 t series 3, series M excluded, are supplied with ball bearings which will be substituted with tapered ball bearings, which are much more resistant to the stresses of acceleration and deceleration. After this transformation the differential is quite largely more robust, silent and reliable even when compared to the same new differential.